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DM-808 SHR Hair Removal Unit

Fully Restored – 90 Day Warranty – Insured Cheap Shipping

$6,900 CAD (obo) - $5,400 US

Lease for:

36 months @ $232.26/mth o.a.c. CAD

60 months @ $154.20/mth o.a.c.CAD

36 months @ $183.96/mth o.a.c. US

60 months @ $121.74/mth o.a.c.US


(Fully Restored with brand new laser diode and upgraded power supplies).


This unit uses the SHR Technology.


Characteristics of treatment:


 1. Professional 808nm diode laser, suitable for hair with any color;

 2. Suitable for any kinds of skin;

 3. Safe and fast. It needs 3-4 treatments, the interval of each treatment are 3 weeks;

 4. No harm, no side effects;

 5. High energy density output: make sure good effective for any coloring matter--120J/CM2;

 6. High-frequency output: make sure heating hair follicle, lasting hair removal, fast hair removal-10HZ;

 7. Big spot size: fast and effective results--12*20mm;

 8. strong cooling: instance cooling skin, safe and comfortable--5 degrees.

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