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Let Us Sell Your Used Machines 

For Fair Market Value

- On Consignment -
Used Machines for sale

         Laser Machines Repairs

·       Hair Removal Machine Repairs

·       Tattoo Removal Machine Repairs

·       Skin Rejuvenation Machine Repairs

·       Skin Resurfacing Machine Repairs

·       Body Contouring Machine Repairs

·       Surgical Machine Repairs

·       Acne Treatment Machine Repairs

·       Vascular Lesions Machine Repairs

·       Wrinkle Reduction Machine Repairs

·       Lipolysis Machine Repairs

·       Handset Repairs

·       Maintenance Agreements

        Laser Machines Refurbishing

·       Hair Removal Machine Refurbishing

·       Tattoo Removal Machine Refurbishing

·       Skin Rejuvenation Machine Refurbishing

·       Skin Resurfacing Machine Refurbishing

·       Body Contouring Machine Refurbishing

·       Surgical Machine Refurbishing

·       Acne Treatment Machine Refurbishing

·       Vascular Lesions Machine Refurbishing

·       Wrinkle Reduction Machine Refurbishing

·       Lipolysis Machine Refurbishing

·       Handset Refurbishing

·       Refurbish and re-sell

Laser Machine Repairs at an Affordable Rate!
Laser Machine Repairs
Professional Repairs
Handset Repair

Your Laser Solutions


The Laser Whisperer offers repairs to most makes and models of laser machines and hand sets.



We provide a consignment service that helps you re-coup revenue on older used machines while providing the cosmetic, aesthetic, spa and medical businesses with a more affordable option. 


We sell all makes and models of used, refurbished hair removal machines, refurbished tattoo removal machines, refurbished skin rejuvenation machines and many other refurbished laser machines.

Who We Are

In 1995, the parent business of The Laser Whisperer was conceived, developed and built in Vancouver, BC. Arc Electronics serviced the Electronic Industry for over fifteen years and is a leader in its industry. 

The Laser Whisperer was created based on the lack of affordable laser machine repairs and a lack of viable means to re-sell used equipment. 

The Laser Whisperer is here to make your laser machine repairs, sales and maintenance as painless as possible and at a manageable price. We understand the importance of your business and the challenges and costs that go with having your machine down for any length of time.

Laser machine repairs can be costly and at times hard to justify, sometimes it's just easier to buy a new one, or so it probably felt that way. 


We recognize this and have put a program in place that allows used laser machines to be repaired and re-sold at a fair market value, benefitting both the seller and the buyer. 

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