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The VelaSlim S80 Contouring and Cellulite Repair Machine

Fully Restored – 90 Day Warranty – Insured Cheap Shipping

$3,900 CAD or (obo) - $3,000 US (obo)

Lease for:

36 months @ $138.65/mth o.a.c. CAD

60 months @ $89.28/mth o.a.c.CAD

36 months @ $110.28/mth o.a.c. US

60 months @ $121.74/mth o.a.c.US


The Science behind Vela Slim Technology:

Synergistic use of energy: the Vela Slim device employs four technologies including Infrared, Bipolar RF, Vacuum, Massage mechanism.


1. Infrared light (IR) heats the tissue up to 5mm depth. body shaper slimming machine S80

2. Bi-polar radio frequency (RF) heats tissue from 2 to 20mm depth. suslaser beauty equipment

3. Vacuum + Massage mechanism accelerate blood circulation and increase blood flow, so as to drain the excessive water and body waste. body shaper slimming machine S80

Biological impact of treatment: increase metabolism, leading to desired anabolic and catabolic reaction at predetermined skin depths.



1. Body slimming & shaping

2. Cellulite reduction

3. Skin Tightening

4. Wrinkle Removal

5. Eyelid area treatment

6. Warm Massage.


Mechanical Manipulation (Vacuum +/- Massage mechanism):

a. Stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation.

b. Facilitates fibroblast activity.

c. Reduces viscosity of fat cell clusters.

d. Promotes vasodilation and extravasation of oxygen and nutrients.

e. Enables heating at different depths vacuum & rf slimming.

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