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Fully Restored – 90 Day Warranty – Insured Cheap Shipping

$72,000 CAD (obo) - $56,000 US (obo)

Lease for:

36 months @ $2270.52/mth o.a.c. CAD

60 months @ $1464.38/mth o.a.c.CAD

36 months @ $1759.30/mth o.a.c. US

60 months @ $1134.67/mth o.a.c.US

Flexible & Delicate CO2 Laser performance


Expand your range of surgical procedures with the AcuPulse 40WG CO2 laser and FiberLase CO2 fiber family of products. Owing to years of collaboration with leading surgeons, the precision of the CO2laser technology is no longer limited to line-of-site performance. Adding delicacy and flexibility to the surgical capabilities, opens a new sphere of patient care and allows to address broad range of clinical challenges while preserving healthy tissue.

The AcuPulse designated system module allows complete utilization of the Fiber’s capabilities including optimal energy transmission and aiming beam and the wide range of addressable clinical indications. AcuPulse CO2 laser systems are ideal for precision in delicate spaces. All AcuPulse laser systems feature Super Pulse, Pulser and Continuous Wave (CW) laser modes for individualized and controlled tissue management.

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