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WHITESTAR Signature AMO Machine

$19,500.00  CAD    2009 Used,WHITESTAR Signature AMO Cataract Machine, Excellent Condition



The WHITESTAR Signature® System is a modular ophthalmic microsurgical system that facilitates anterior segment (cataract) surgery.

The WHITESTAR Signature® System represents a breakthrough in easy lens removal technology, from the company that has pioneered virtually every major breakthrough in phacoemulsification in the past two decades.

Only the WHITESTAR Signature® System combines the safety of revolutionary FUSION® Fluidics with the optimized cavitation of WHITESTAR® Technology. The integration of these technologies creates the versatility needed to remove both hard and soft lenses.


FUSION® Fluidics
FUSION® Fluidics provides increased chamber stability. It anticipates intraocular changes and proactively adjusts, so chamber stability can be maintained- even at higher vacuum and flow settings. Based on pre-set specifications, FUSION® Fluidics adapts to changes in vacuum immediately and automatically.


FUSION® Fluidics surge-prevention technology allows the use of high vacuum and flow settings to reduce phaco time and increase efficiency, Improves chamber stability by anticipating occlusions and preemptively adjusting vacuum before occlusion breaks
Provides precise, low-flow parameters for complicated cases. One-step, auto-loading FUSION® Fluidics cassette decreases turnover time


The Wireless Advanced Control Pedal offers you the freedom to achieve the perfect balance of control, confidence and performance!

Full wireless range of approximately 3 meters (10 feet) via secure Bluetooth®** connection
Eliminates clutter and the need for cables in the operating room
Offers traditional and dual-linear functionality
Non-zero start capabilities to increase efficiency
Quick and easy touchscreen set-up

With the WHITESTAR Signature® system's ergonomic accessories and streamlined interface, the efficiency of the surgical environment is improved. It offers a number of new time-saving features including fast prime/tune, one-step easy-load tubing pack, intuitive user interface, and a sophisticated on-screen help program. It also incorporates today's high technology into cutting-edge features and accessories.

One-touch prime/tune cycle is AMO's fastest ever to expedite OR turnover
Surgeon settings can be uploaded to any WHITESTAR Signature® System from a memory stick
Wireless Bluetooth®** accessories and multi-lingual voice confirmation for hands-free communication and control
17" LCD panel touch screen features one-touch access to all settings
Easy-to-use wireless remote gives OR staff more flexibility


ELLIPS® FX Technology

Is uniquely designed to deliver smooth cutting and excellent efficiency - all without having to change your preferred technique.

Superb, leading-edge performance and efficient lens extraction4
Simultaneous blending of transversal and longitudinal modalities
Enhanced followability and effectively holds fragments at the tip end
Smooth, efficient cutting for hard and soft lenses4
Exceptional versatility with curved or straight tip styles to match your preferred technique

The WHITESTAR Signature® System features the ability to switch between a true peristaltic pump and true venturi pump on-the-fly. During a procedure, the surgeon can switch instantly into venturi mode for additional vacuum and holding power.6 This capability can be extremely useful in multi-surgeon environments and teaching institutions, allowing the flexibility to use both modalities in one system.

On-the-fly switching between flow-based peristaltic and vacuum-based venturi pumps all-in-one cassette
Safety of system at high vacuum is maintained
Pump choice can be preprogrammed by mode or submode
Aspiration capabilities
Peristaltic flow up to 60 cc/min
Peristaltic maximum vacuum of 650 mm Hg
Venturi vacuum up to 600 mm Hg


SIGNATURE Specifications
Width - 61 cm / 24 inches
Depth - 61 cm / 24 inches
Height - 54 cm / 137 inches
Weight - Unpacked - 88 kg / 195 pounds
34 in 34 in 145 in 225 lbs





2009 WHITESTAR Signature Machine - The Laser Whisperer - Canada

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