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2004 Sciton Profile with Cooler

 $29,900.00CAD  Fully Refurbished 2004 Sciton Profile with Cooler, Excellent Condition, 6 month warranty. Accessories included are the 5mm HF Scanner, 2/3mm, 4/6mm, 5/8mm hand piece assembly, chilling plate. 



The Laser Whisperer Guarantee to Our Customers

-Saves you money

-Buy, Sell and Service

-Quality Pre-owned Fully Refurbished Aesthetic Laser Machines And Hand Pieces For Sale

-Refurbish Aesthetic Laser Equipment

-Refurbish Laser Hand Pieces

-6 month warranty/No Refunds

-Maintenance Packages


Sciton Profile 


The Sciton Profile is the most versatile system available for non-ablative procedures. The computer-guided scanner takes advantage of Sciton's uniform beam profile for consistent, uniform treatment at the highest allowable fluence without a center hot spot. The Profile is durable and designed to operate 24/7 with no consumables or on-going costs.  


A unique scanning algorithm prevents heat build up by maximizing the time between adjacent treatment spots, a method impossible to do with a hand-placed beam. This allows you to use the maximum treatment parameters for increased efficacy and reproducible results. In addition, this gives you and your patient an extra margin of safety and comfort. 


In systems without a computer guided scanner many areas can be missed, and this is random overlap of treatment areas leading to inconsistent treatment parameters and requiring additional treatments to achieve the same amount of hair reduction. 


The Sciton Profile can control up to two laser modules simultaneously with over 80 watts of continuous laser power for the Worlds fastest treatment of large areas. The Profile can provide 160 joules per square cenitmeter in areas as large as 30mm by 30mm. It can cover 4 times faster than other systems with only 200 scans to cover a large back. 


Sciton Profille for hair removal gives you the hightest performance available, taking advantage of the LAPG computer-guided scanner for fast, ideal beam placement and perfect coverage, resulting in improved efficacy and fewer treatments. 


The Sciton Profile's versatility means that it will be in demand in your practice and will quite likely be your busiest piece of equipment.


Modules Available with the Sciton Profile


ClearScan short-pulsed high-energy 1064nm laser light for flushing, redness, rosacea and texture. 

ThermaScan wrinkle treatments and scar improvement with a 1319nm module, high speed non-sequential scanner and large area sapphire plate skin cooling. 


ThermaScan technology uses a 1319nm laser, which gives an ideal photo-thermal response in the innter layers of the skin. 


One of the most important features of the ThermaScan is a LAPG computer-guided scanner, allowing improved ease of use and extremely quick treatments without the risk of pulse stacking or missed areas. 


ThermaScan systems use a large-area sapphire contact plate to regulate the skin surface temperature. Instead of having to compensate for varying temperatures during treatment, from area to area or from patient to patient the Profile contact skin chiller clamps the skin temperature at a pre-set value. 






Refurbished 2004 Sciton Profile For Sale - The Laser Whisperer

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