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Silhouette Tone Versalis 

$5,900.00  CAD    Used, Fully Refurbished Silhouette Tone Versalis Peel, including Diamond Tips included, Excellent Condition, 6 month warranty


The Laser Whisperer Guarantee to Our Customers

-Saves you money

-Buy, Sell and Service

-Quality Pre-owned Fully Refurbished Aesthetic Laser Machines And Hand Pieces For Sale

-Refurbish Aesthetic Laser Equipment

-Refurbish Laser Hand Pieces

-6 month warranty/No Refunds

-Maintenance Packages


A new care professional device that offers a system
single microdermabrasion with its projection system
Turbo Flow.


This device is distinguished by its power and
versatility as it can operate with the
Crystal quality surgical manipulator
Free or with the conventional system using
crystals of high purity grade corundum
pharmaceutical, with precise execution
with our unique projection system
Turbo Flow, all wrapped in one device
Robust affordable.


The Turbo Flow system projects crystals and uniformly
securely in a circular movement in the form of
vortex, all at a constant velocity and as so
linear, in straight lines, causing no discomfort or
no skin irritation.



Silhouette Tone Versalis Peel Machine For Sale - The Laser Whisperer

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